ÜberschriftVeterinary Hospital Manager-
AnzeigentextThe Birkenfeld Veterinary Hospital is a small animal hospital, mainly for dogs and cats. It has over 30 employees with an international team of highly specialized veterinarians from Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Italy and China. Main focuses of the hospital are small animal surgery, dermatology, organ diseases, diagnostic imaging and dentistry. Up to 60 pet owners visit the hospital daily, many from Germany and Luxembourg, but also from France, Belgium and Holland. Other patients are from the neighbouring American installations in Baumholder, Ramstein, Kaiserslautern etc.

The Animal Hospital of Birkenfeld is located in 55765 Birkenfeld, Germany.

The hospital manager is responsible for all aspects of non-clinical daily operations in a veterinary hospital, including human resources management, client services, financial management and marketing, adherence to legal and ethical standards, and supervision and organization of the hospital. The veterinary hospital manager will report to the owner of the hospital directly and may take over procura.


Human Resource Management:
• Establishing work schedules for staff and conducting regular staff meetings;
• Encouraging staff to self-motivation, developing hospital culture and facilitating team communications;
• Hiring new staff, organizing and developing staff training plan;
• Organizings regular job performance evaluations, staff compensation and benefit plan
• Keeping employee records and supporting their professional development

Client Services:
• Promoting a client-centered environment and facilitating programs and processes that meet the client needs;
• Creating and managing client surveys;
• Facilitating resolution of client problems that veterinarians or other staff members cannot finalize, overseeing client follow-up communication

Finances & Accounting:
• Ensuring that the payrolls are accurately completed and submitted to all hospital staff;
• Planning budgets, managing bookkeeping, and providing information for tax planning and tax returns;
• Reviewing financial statements and key performance indicators and discussing them with the owner and staff;
• Managing hospital inventory and controls facility and administrative costs

Hospital Facility:
• Overseeing hospital facilities, monitoring hospital computer systems and resolving technical systems/equipment issues with IT or other specialist
• Maintaining the medical record system of the patients

• Developing and maintaining hospital promotional materials including website, face book etc. to attract, retain clients and maintaining a good public relationship

• Bachelor’s or higher degree in business management or related degree or equivalent experience is preferred;
• 3+ years of work experience in a management/organizational environment, experience in a veterinary/human hospital setting environment is a plus;
• Excellent organizational, managerial skills and ability to motivate employees;
• Being flexible in attitude and work habits
• Being fluent in German and English language

The position is a long-term employment.

Please send your application including a CV, certificates and two letters of recommendation to Mrs. Sabien van der Velde, Assistenz Dr.Dr.h.c.Hans-Joachim Koch, Tierklinik Birkenfeld, Am Schönenwald, 55765 Birkenfeld. Email: ea.hans.koch@esavs.org

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