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Retroperitoneal infarction with subsequent hydronephrosis in a young catmembers
A 9-month-old cat was presented for routine vaccination before rehoming. Physical examination revealed a palpable mass in the cranial abdomen. The right kidney was severely enlarged (6cmx4cm) on plain abdominal radiographs, and failed to opacify normally during intravenous urography. Ultrasonography demonstrated a hydronephrotic right kidney. A strange combination!

VAC Protocol for Stage III Hemangiosarcomamembers
Hemangiosarcomas (HSAs) are aggressive tumors with a high rate of metastasis. Clinical stage has been considered a negative prognostic factor for survival. The study authors hypothesized that the median survival time (MST) of dogs with metastatic (stage III) HSA treated with a vincristine, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide (VAC) chemotherapy protocol would not be different than those with stage I/II HSA. Is this correct?

Update on equine piroplasmosismembers
Equine piroplasmosis is caused by one of 2 erythrocytic parasites Babesia caballi or Theileria equi. Although the genus of the latter remains controversial, the most recent designation, Theileria, is utilized in this review. Shared pathogenesis includes tick-borne transmission and erythrolysis leading to anemia as the primary clinical outcome. This review article gives lots of interesting informations.

Update on canine hemorrhagic gastroenteritismembers
The etiology of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE) syndrome in dogs is unknown and histopathologic and microbial investigations have only been performed post mortem. The disease is often peracute and fatal. This recently online published study tries to identify characteristic intra vitam endoscopic and histologic mucosal lesions, as well as bacterial species, within the mucosa of dogs with HGE. Really relevant for the daily practice!

Comparison of two commercially available firocoxib products in horsesmembers
Two firocoxib preparations for oral use are approved for use in animals in many countries: a chewable canine tablet and an equine paste. In order to reduce costs, many veterinarians use the canine product in horses even though this is an off-label use of the preparation. This study determines the relative efficacy of both products!


Incisional hernia repair in horses with endoscopic component separationmembers
This study on 14 fresh cadaveric horses was performed to report a technique for endoscopic component separation in horses and quantify the amount of body wall advancement obtained. Could it also be an option to treat affected horses intra vitam?

Herniation of the gravid uterus through a mesoduodenal defect in a cowmembers
Herniations of the gravide uterus are rare Problems in large animals. This online published case report from Switzerland describes surgical treatment of herniation of the gravid uterus through the mesoduodenum, displacement of the descending duodenum around the gravid uterus, and concurrent herniation of the small and large intestines into the omental bursa in a three-year-old, five-month-pregnant Swiss Braunvieh cow.

Monoclonal Antibodies Against Rift Valley Fever Virus Nucleoproteinmembers
Due to the unpredictable and explosive nature of Rift Valley fever (RVF) outbreaks, rapid and accurate diagnostic assays for low-resource settings are urgently needed. To improve existing diagnostic assays, monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) specific for the nucleocapsid protein of RVF virus (RVFV) were produced and characterized.

Exotic disease threats in horses in the UK
There is a real chance of exotic infectious disease reaching the UK, posing a threat to our equine population. The movement of horses and their biological products, and the movement of vectors have the potential to introduce exotic disease. The occurrence of such diseases could have a devastating impact on equine health and welfare, on human health in the case of zoonoses, on the trade of horses, and also on the reputation of the equine industry. This article is not only important for equine practitioners in the UK!


  • Lythrum hyssopifolia (lesser loosestrife) poisoning of cattle in Australiamembers
  • Calf scours and associated risk factors in beef herdsmembers
  • Multiple congenital ocular anomalies syndrome in two families of poniesmembers
  • The role of unmeasured anions in calves with neonatal diarrhea and altered demeanormembers
  • Vertebral fractures in two young alpacas due to hypovitaminosis Dmembers
  • Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality of Calves Derived from Somatic Cloningmembers
  • Distribution of theilerial types in eastern Australian cattle herds members
  • Neonatal morbidity and mortality of cloned calvesmembers


  • Semiconductor diode trans-scleral cyclophotocoagulation on the buphthalmic equine globe
  • MRI of a comminuted central tarsal bone fracture in a horsemembers
  • Methods for Equine Preantral Follicles Isolationmembers
  • Distichiasis in the Friesian horsemembers
  • Role of C. perfringens as primary agent of diarrhoea in foalsmembers
  • Factors affecting live foal rates after manual twin eliminationmembers
  • Palmar carpal ligament tear causing carpal hyperextension in a Percheron members
  • The nasolacrimal duct of the mulemembers


  • Humoral hypercalcemia in a dog with a complex mammary carcinomamembers
  • Clinical and MRI findings in hypertensive encephalopathymembers
  • Negative pressure wound therapy after abscess excision in a tortoisemembers
  • Traumatic fracture of the tympanic bulla in a Pekingesemembers
  • Analgesic effects of topical ocular 1% morphine solution in dogs and catsmembers
  • Retrobulbar and peribulbar regional techniques in catsmembers
  • Progression of pectinate ligament dysplasia in two populations of Flat-Coated Retrieversmembers
  • TonoVet® rebound tonometer and the Tono-Pen Vet® applanation tonometer in ocular diseasemembers


  • Comparison of nutritive value of different diet ingredients for growing pigsmembers
  • Apoptosis of T- and B-lymphocytes in PRRSV-infectionsmembers
  • Zearalenone - kinetics and metabolism in young female pigsmembers
  • Comparison of five commercial extenders for boar semenmembers
  • Muscle fiber characteristics as additional breeding selection criteria in pigsmembers
  • Mast Cells in the Uterus of Pregnant Meishan Pigsmembers
  • New device for mechanomyography in anaesthetized Göttingen minipigsmembers
  • Effect of progestagen supplementation in early pregnancy on embryo survival in pigsmembers


  • PCR to detect mycobacteria in fixed samplesmembers
  • Use of chicken Newcastle disease vaccines in pigeonsmembers
  • Tembusu virus in China - an underdiagnosed zoonosis? members
  • Novel Assay for Rapid Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi s. l. in Ticksmembers
  • Human ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosismembers
  • Systemic toxoplasmosis in young captive flying-foxesmembers
  • Bat Rabies in Europemembers
  • Diagnosis and therapy of granulocytotropic anaplasmosis in menmembers

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