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COGS in the dogmembers
Canine ocular gliovascular syndrome (COGS) is not a common problem in dogs and can be easy misdiagnosed. This study characterizes the clinical, diagnostic, and histopathologic findings in affected dogs.

Blood glucose in small animals with acute arterial thrombembolismmembers
Acute limb paralysis because of arterial thromboembolism (ATE) occurs in cats and less commonly in dogs. ATE is diagnosed based on physical examination findings and, occasionally, advanced imaging. The objective of this prospective observational, clinical study was to evaluate if peripheral, affected limb venous glucose concentration is decreased in ATE, whereas its systemic concentration is within or above reference interval.

Different techniques of conjunctival flap repair for corneal defects members
Conjunctival flaps are commonly used to treat corneal wounds in dogs, especially perforating ones. This report compares the success rate of a conjunctival pedicle flap (CPF) alone vs. a CPF with an underlying acellular submucosa implant for the repair of deep or perforating corneal wounds in dogs.

Canine uveal melanocytes - isolation and culturemembers
Uveal explants from donor globes of five mixed-breed were dissected, and the anterior uvea removed. The uveal explants were placed in trypsin solution for enzymatic digestion. Extracted cells were cultured in modified F12 media. Immunocytochemistry was performed to confirm the identity of the extracted cells. This interesting study was recently published online.

Troponin I and T as prognostic markers in feline HCMmembers
Myocardial injury detected by cardiac troponin I and T (cTnI and cTnT) in cardiac disease is associated with increased risk of death in humans and dogs. Does the presence of myocardial injury predict long-term death in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), and ongoing myocardial injury reflects change in left ventricular wall thickness over time? Interesting questions! This prospective cohort study on 36 cats with primary HCM helps to answer them.


Osteochondritis dissecans of the distal sagittal ridge of the equine Mc IIImembers
Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the distal sagittal ridge of the third metacarpal bone (McIII) has not previously been described in the literature. This retrospective case study describes the clinical, radiological and arthroscopic features of OCD of the distal sagittal ridge of the McIII and reports outcome in a series of cases.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRS) in dogs with naturally acquired bacterial keratitismembers
MRS are an increasing problem worldwide, and they are isolated from various organs including the skin. This study determines the prevalence of, and risk factors for, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRS) isolation in dogs with naturally acquired bacterial keratitis. With interesting results!

Infectious haemolytic anemia in an orphaned juvenile female platypus members
Although T. ornithorhynchi infection is common in the platypus, this is the first case in which it has been shown to cause a haemolytic anaemia in this species and molecular characterisation of the organism has been described. A review of the previous literature concerning T. ornithorhynchi and possible treatment options for future cases are discussed.

Prevalence of bacteremia in dairy cattle with APMmembers
Acute puerperal metritis (APM) affects 30% of postpartum dairy cattle. Bacteremia negatively impacts survival in cattle with coliform mastitis. However, the prevalence of bacteremia in dairy cattle with APM is unknown. Is it true that bacteremia is detectable in a large proportion of cattle with APM? A prospective case-control study including 17 dairy cows with APM and 17 healthy dairy cattle tried to find an answer.


  • Commercial copro-antigen ELISA for the detection of Fasciola hepatica in several species
  • Fentanyl constant rate infusion in isoflurane-anaesthetized sheepmembers
  • Bungowannah Pestivirus in the Upper Midwestern USAmembers
  • Sublingual detomidine gel in calves before disbuddingmembers
  • BVD infections in Australia - controllable or not?members
  • Schirmer tear test and rebound tonometry findings in healthy calvesmembers
  • Seasonal Influence on Seminal Plasma Proteins of Buffalomembers
  • Bacterial skin flora of healthy sheep with frequent and minimal human handlingmembers


  • First description of a bilateral malformation of the humerus in Quarter Horses
  • Importation of clade 2 equine influenza virus in an adult horse from Germany
  • Effects of slow intravenous injection of tramadol, romifidine or both in poniesmembers
  • Complications After Perineal Urethrotomy in Equidsmembers
  • Swim Training to Improve Athletic Performance of Mangalarga Marchador Horsesmembers
  • SPF wound dressing in distal limb wounds in horsesmembers
  • Plasma iron concentration in horses with systemic inflammationmembers
  • Comparison between different extracapsular stabilisation of canine CCL rupturemembers


  • Chiari-Like Malformation and Syringomyelia in a non-Spaniel breedmembers
  • Maropitant versus acepromazine in hydromorphone premedicated dogsmembers
  • Angiogenesis and its markers in dogs with congenital portosystemic shunts members
  • Platelet Volume and Plateletcrit in dogs with immune mediated thrombocytopenia
  • Unilateral microphthalmia or anophthalmia in pythons
  • Cardiopulmonary effects of dexmedetomidine infusions in dogs undergoing isoflurane anesthesiamembers
  • Oxidative stress in acute versus chronic glaucomamembers
  • Dialysis disequilibrium-like clinical signs during postobstructive therapy of urethral obstructionmembers


  • Effect of pharmacological interventions between conception and birth in swinemembers
  • Update to PCV2-virus and associated diseasesmembers
  • Brucellosis and leptospirosis in feral pigs in Australiamembers
  • Comparison of nutritive value of different diet ingredients for growing pigsmembers
  • Apoptosis of T- and B-lymphocytes in PRRSV-infectionsmembers
  • Zearalenone - kinetics and metabolism in young female pigsmembers
  • Comparison of five commercial extenders for boar semenmembers
  • Muscle fiber characteristics as additional breeding selection criteria in pigsmembers


  • Bilateral lens luxation in a tree kangaroo
  • Description of the lacrimal system of snakes members
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Against Rift Valley Fever Virus Nucleoproteinmembers
  • PCR to detect mycobacteria in fixed samplesmembers
  • Use of chicken Newcastle disease vaccines in pigeonsmembers
  • Tembusu virus in China - an underdiagnosed zoonosis? members
  • Novel Assay for Rapid Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi s. l. in Ticksmembers
  • Human ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosismembers

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