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Anatomy of the canine tarsus in the MRImembers
This recently published prospective descriptive study on three canine cadavers was performed to describe the normal anatomy of the soft tissues of the canine tarsus as identified on computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and to evaluate specific MRI sequences and planes for observing structures of diagnostic interest. Can the anatomy of this joint readilyy be identified via MRI?

Introduction of PRRSV via Boar Semen into a PRRSV-Free Countrymembers
Switzerland is currently porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) free, but semen imports from PRRSV-infected European countries are increasing. As the virus can be transmitted via semen, for example, when a free boar stud becomes infected, and the risk of its import in terms of PRRSV introduction is unknown, the annual probability to accidentally import the virus into Switzerland was estimated in a risk assessment. A very important topic!

Rhodotorula minuta fungemia in an eight month-old ewe lambmembers
An 8-month-old crossbred ewe, normal upon physical examination, was humanely euthanized for tissue collection. After approximately 3 weeks in tissue culture, fungi began budding out of cells obtained from the choroid Plexus, later also in other tissue cultures - and the serum was tested negatively for various other fungi. The authors believe this to be the first report of Rhodotorula fungemia in a sheep in the United States.

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and severity of clinical signs (CADESI-03) in atopic dogsmembers
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common allergic skin disease of dogs. Objective documentation of disease severity is important for the assessment of responses to therapeutic interventions. One common means of assessing the severity of clinical signs is the Canine Atopic Dermatitis Extent and Severity Index (CADESI)-03. In addition, studies of the biophysical parameters of the skin suggest that assessment of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) may also have value for estimation of disease severity. The aim of this recently published study was to verify the correlation between TEWL and CADESI-03 measured at 10 different body sites.

Two novel mutations associated with hemophilia A in different breedsmembers
Hemophilia A is an X-linked disorder caused by a deficiency in coagulation factor VIII. Over 2300 unique mutations in the gene-encoding factor VIII have been documented in people, but limited information is known in dogs. An 11-week-old male Boxer and a 5-year-old male German Shepherd were diagnosed with hemophilia A based on diminished factor VIII activity. The purpose of the study was to identify genetic mutations associated with hemophilia A in both dogs.


Bacteraemia and host response in healthy neonatal foalsmembers
Neonatal sepsis is a common problem in foals and is a primary cause of death in the post natal period. Transient bacteraemia and subsequent host responses have not been described in the equine neonate. The primary objective of this study was to determine if transient bacteraemia occurs in foals within the first 72 h of life. Additional objectives included description of bacterial organisms associated with transient bacteraemia and concurrent cytokine gene expression in healthy foals. The results are surprising!

Joint distractor to facilitate arthroscopy of the canine hip joint members
The objective of this study was to evaluate the technical feasibility and efficacy of a hip joint distraction technique, any potential ligamentous damage linked to the procedure, and the effect of joint venting on the maximum distraction achieved. Twenty hip joints from 11 canine cadavers were evaluated radiographically by standard and stressed projections before applying joint distraction.

New graft technique to treat keratomalacia in equine patientsmembers
Clinical course, outcomes, and complications associated with use of commercially available porcine urinary bladder extracellular matrix (ECM) grafts (ACell Vet® Corneal Discs) in equid patients with keratomalacia were described in this new study. Also the efficacy of ECM grafts as a viable alternative to other biomaterials for corneal grafting in equid patients was evaluated. A very informative online published study!

New tool for cancer immunotherapy in animalsmembers
The concept of vaccines based on the direct inoculation of plasmid DNA gained initial proof-of-concept in small rodent species. Further development was hampered by the difficulty to confirm immunogenicity and efficacy in large animal species and, most importantly, in human clinical trials. An alternative approach is electro-gene-transfer (EGT) which was evaluated in this study.


  • Effects of different mydriatics in healthy sheepmembers
  • Effects of a constant rate infusion of fentanyl in isoflurane- anaesthetized sheepmembers
  • Leucocytary Profile in the Semen of Beef Bullsmembers
  • Prevalence of bacteremia in dairy cattle with APMmembers
  • Commercial copro-antigen ELISA for the detection of Fasciola hepatica in several speciesmembers
  • Fentanyl constant rate infusion in isoflurane-anaesthetized sheepmembers
  • Bungowannah Pestivirus in the Upper Midwestern USAmembers
  • Sublingual detomidine gel in calves before disbuddingmembers


  • Midazolam and diazepam as co-induction agents with ketamine in ponies undergoing field castration
  • Novel equine ocular disorder - clinical and histopathological characteristicsmembers
  • Standing laryngoplasty in standing non-racing horsesmembers
  • Unusual cause of colic symptoms in a yearlingmembers
  • Flecainide as antiarrhythmic drug in horsesmembers
  • Clinical approaches to antagonism of alpha2-adrenoreceptor agonists in the horsemembers
  • Modified lamellar keratoplasties in deep stromal abscesses in horsesmembers
  • Clinical approaches to antagonism of alpha2-adrenoreceptor agonists in horsesmembers


  • Propofol versus ketofol in the induction of anaesthesia in healthy dogs
  • Alfaxalone or ketamine-medetomidine in cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy?
  • Elastography of liver, kidney and spleen of dogs members
  • Comparison of three ultrasound guided approaches to the lumbar plexus in dogs
  • Diffusion-weighted MRI of the normal dogs´s brainmembers
  • External radiation therapy of canine bladder cancermembers
  • Capsular tension ring use in canine phacoemulsification members
  • Symmetric Dimethylarginine Serum Concentration and Glomerular Filtration Rate in Catsmembers


  • Dorsal black skin necrosis in a pot-bellied pigmembers
  • Effect of pharmacological interventions between conception and birth in swinemembers
  • Update to PCV2-virus and associated diseasesmembers
  • Brucellosis and leptospirosis in feral pigs in Australiamembers
  • Comparison of nutritive value of different diet ingredients for growing pigsmembers
  • Apoptosis of T- and B-lymphocytes in PRRSV-infectionsmembers
  • Zearalenone - kinetics and metabolism in young female pigsmembers
  • Comparison of five commercial extenders for boar semenmembers


  • Two dogs with cold agglutinin activitymembers
  • Mechanical ventilation and blood gases and blood pressure in rattlesnakesmembers
  • Infectious haemolytic anemia in an orphaned juvenile female platypus members
  • Bilateral lens luxation in a tree kangaroomembers
  • Description of the lacrimal system of snakes members
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Against Rift Valley Fever Virus Nucleoproteinmembers
  • PCR to detect mycobacteria in fixed samplesmembers
  • Use of chicken Newcastle disease vaccines in pigeonsmembers

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  • Optimizing MRI results of the spinemembers
    Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is generally considered to be the best imaging modality for the spine because of its excellent tissue contrast and multiplanar imaging capability; however, good technique is vital in order to avoid nondiagnostic or even misleading images. This publications gives a variety of helpful advices to optimize the results!

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