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Oxidative stress in acute versus chronic glaucomamembers
Does oxidative stress occur early in the pathogenesis of glaucoma in dogs? An interesting hypothesis. Sections from eight control retinas and 25 retinas from dogs with primary glaucoma were examined to test this.

Complications After Perineal Urethrotomy in Equidsmembers
Urolithiasis is the main indication for perineal urethrotomy in horses. This recently published article reports the clinical findings, incidence of complications, and outcome associated with perineal urethrotomy in 27 equids. Very informative!

Dialysis disequilibrium-like clinical signs during postobstructive therapy of urethral obstructionmembers
Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome has been documented in small animals, but similar signs have not been reported as a sequelae of treatment of feline urethral obstruction. Urethral obstruction is a common emergency and practitioners should be aware of this potential complication as a cause of delayed neurologic recovery or seizures in the postobstructive period. This interesting case report describes the clinical features, treatment, and outcome of a cat with acute neurologic signs subsequent to relief of urethral obstruction and rapid resolution of severe azotemia, suggesting a process similar to dialysis disequilibrium syndrome.

Hetastarch 670/0.75 constant rate infusion and the platelet closure time in dogs members
This in vivo, prospective, open-label, crossover study on eight healthy, adult male research Dogs was performed to evaluate the effects of hetastarch 670/0.75 on canine platelet function and clinical bleeding following its administration as a constant rate infusion (CRI) at 1 mL/kg/h and 2 mL/kg/h for 24 hours. How does it change the

Swim Training to Improve Athletic Performance of Mangalarga Marchador Horsesmembers
Swimming can be used for conditioning and rehabilitation of horses. Its main advantage is minimal musculoskeletal stress. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of swimming on athletic performance of Mangalarga Marchador horses. With interesting results!


Detection of venous air embolism via computed tomography members
Venous air embolism can be hard to diagnose or to prove in small animals and it seems to be more common than previously thought. This new retrospective investigation describes the prevalence, location and clinical significance of abnormal gas accumulations in dogs and cats detected on computerised tomography images.

SPF wound dressing in distal limb wounds in horsesmembers
Non-healing or infected wounds are commonly seen on the distal legs in horses. This study was performed to determine if application of silver sodium zirconium phosphate polyurethane semi-occlusive foam (SPF) dressing would improve measures of wound healing and decrease bacterial contamination compared with a non-adherent, absorbent dressing applied to wounds created on the distal aspect of the equine limb.

Plasma iron concentration in horses with systemic inflammationmembers
This recently online published study was performed to determine if plasma iron concentration is different between horses with and without systemic inflammation (SI) and to assess the accuracy for the detection of SI by assaying plasma iron and fibrinogen concentrations, individually or combined. Furthermore, the prognostic value of plasma iron concentration and the progression of plasma iron and fibrinogen concentrations during hospital follow-up, and its relation to SI and survival were evaluated.

Comparison between different extracapsular stabilisation of canine CCL rupturemembers
Several surgical techniques are commonly recommended to repair cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture in Dogs. This new in vitro study compares different loop and crimp configurations used for extracapsular suture stabilization of the CCL-deficient stifle.


  • Bungowannah Pestivirus in the Upper Midwestern USAmembers
  • Sublingual detomidine gel in calves before disbuddingmembers
  • BVD infections in Australia - controllable or not?members
  • Schirmer tear test and rebound tonometry findings in healthy calvesmembers
  • Seasonal Influence on Seminal Plasma Proteins of Buffalomembers
  • Bacterial skin flora of healthy sheep with frequent and minimal human handlingmembers
  • Surgical repair of comminuted metacarpal fracture in a Simmental bullmembers
  • Management of Bilateral Patellar Luxation in an adult Alpacamembers


  • Effect of magnetic blankets on healthy horses members
  • Diffusion characteristics after perineural injection of the deep branch of the lateral plantar nervemembers
  • Genetic Parameters and Breeding Values for Semen Characteristics in 30 Hanoverian Stallionsmembers
  • Primary hyperparathyroidism in a ponymembers
  • Thyroid Function/Dysfunction in Term and Premature Equine Neonatesmembers
  • Brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) in foalsmembers
  • Combination therapy for controlling equine cyathostominsmembers
  • Unusual cause of carpal hyperextension in a Percheron mare members


  • Blood Glucose Concentrations in Dogs and Cats with Acute Arterial Thromboembolismmembers
  • Cardiac arrhythmias in Standardbred racehorsesmembers
  • Prevalence of pathogenic dermatophytes in asymptomatic guinea pigsmembers
  • Maropitant in anesthetized dogs premedicated with acepromazine-hydromorphonemembers
  • Famciclovir and its metabolites in feline herpesvirus type 1members
  • Soft cryotherapy as adjunctive therapy in canine keratitis pigmentosamembers
  • Phosphorus in the pathophysiology of chronic kidney disease members
  • Cortisol-to-ACTH Ratio for Diagnosis of Canine Primary Hypoadrenocorticismmembers


  • Effect of pharmacological interventions between conception and birth in swinemembers
  • Update to PCV2-virus and associated diseasesmembers
  • Brucellosis and leptospirosis in feral pigs in Australiamembers
  • Comparison of nutritive value of different diet ingredients for growing pigsmembers
  • Apoptosis of T- and B-lymphocytes in PRRSV-infectionsmembers
  • Zearalenone - kinetics and metabolism in young female pigsmembers
  • Comparison of five commercial extenders for boar semenmembers
  • Muscle fiber characteristics as additional breeding selection criteria in pigsmembers


  • Description of the lacrimal system of snakes members
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Against Rift Valley Fever Virus Nucleoproteinmembers
  • PCR to detect mycobacteria in fixed samplesmembers
  • Use of chicken Newcastle disease vaccines in pigeonsmembers
  • Tembusu virus in China - an underdiagnosed zoonosis? members
  • Novel Assay for Rapid Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi s. l. in Ticksmembers
  • Human ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosismembers
  • Systemic toxoplasmosis in young captive flying-foxesmembers

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