A Past President looks back

Claudio Brovida’s mandate as WSAVA President stretched over two-and-a-half years, allowing time for “many interesting experiences concerning our profession around the world”. He describes his presidential period as “a very unique opportunity”.
“First of all the human experience has been unique. I found friendship and enthusiasm everywhere; and I realise that there are not big differences in the veterinary “behaviour” from the Colleagues from all over the Globe, except perhaps those linked to local culture and traditions”. The problems, too, are very similar, although they may vary according to the financial situation.

Claudio and his wife Alessandra with a tiger cub during their trip to Bangkok for the WSAVA Board meeting in March

Dr Claudio Brovida describes his mandate as very intensive, during which the WSAVA Board developed several major projects.
Firstly, Claudio Brovida applauds “the incredible development of the organisation of the Continuing Education Courses”, now reaching virtually every corner of the World, including Central America and China. Another highlight is “the strong improvement in the communication with our members around the world”, both through the six-monthly newsletter, reaching over 60,000 colleagues worldwide, and the recent additions to the WSAVA website. Furthermore, the WSAVA Committees have been very active, “in particular the Committees for Animal Welfare and for Hereditary Defects”.

But the activity to which Claudio Brovida feels closely related is the improved co-operation with colleagues from Academia. “For the very first time we managed to bring together ten top scientists form North America, Europe and Australia, in order to create the WSAVA Liver Diseases and Pathology Standardisation Research Group, sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition”. Purpose of this group is to define general guidelines to approach and classify the Liver problems. The final results will be shown worldwide during the Bangkok World Congress in 2003. Similar projects are under evaluation. “But these goals could only be reached thanks to the enthusiastic input and support of the other WSAVA Board members, the Committee members and the National representatives. From Panama City to Osaka, from San Antonio to Bangkok as throughout Europe, I always found enthusiasm, hospitality and friendship”. Regretting “not having been able to visit all the places I wanted”, Claudio Brovida wishes to stress that his devotion was nevertheless the same for all the members of the Association.
But however unique, it has not always been easy, combining private practice (employing twenty veterinarians and support staff) and family life – “all my spare time went to the Association”. Claudio is grateful to his wife Alessandra for her patience and comprehension during the past 30 months. “Especially since we also moved house and welcomed a female puppy “Niki”, to the household”. And the future? “For the first two years I will remain on the board, assisting the new President to work for the association in order to turn a lot of dreams into reality”.

Postcard from Granada
           "Wish you were here!"

The congress organisers have supplied all participants with a free Garnada postcard, especially designed for this congress. Why not take the opportunity and send one to your colleagues back home?
The folded format increases the space for writing while it allows for discretion since the text is covered by the fold. The postage for this type of postcard is as follows:
Spain (including Gibraltar and Andorra): 0,34 euro; Rest of Europe: 1,03 euro; Rest of world: 1,36 euro.




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