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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy for the websites of VetContact GmbH

This privacy statement only applies to internet sites managed by VetContact GmbH, such as: www.vetcontact.com, www.vetagenda.com, www.vetaviso.com. It does not apply to internet sites of third parties to which this website links.
VetContact GmbH has to protect your personal data. Personal information is information about your identity, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, professional qualifications, profession and / or areas of interest. This data will only be saved if you send it to us actively and voluntary.

VetContact GmbH only uses this personal data
• to answer your inquiries
• to send informational material and newsletters
• to process your bookings
• to manage the closed (restricted) area, which is only available to registered users
• for the production and analysis of statistics (anonymised)

The open source software AWStats is used for statistical analysis of visitor access.
We do not use cookies or similar features.

Who has access to your personal data at VetContact GmbH:
• Management of VetContact GmbH
• Appropriately trained employees of VetContact GmbH
• For transactions, an accounting company in Germany
• an IT company in Germany, responsible for the hosting and security of the website presence of VetContact GmbH

When using a website, data is automatically stored that cannot be excluded from indirect reference to your person. This data is also generated when accessing any other third party website. This includes, for example, information about the web browser used, the pages visited and the length of stay.
As far as a personal reference could be made indirectly, we delete the information. Otherwise, the data will be used anonymously in order to further improve the website and to ensure its security and stability.

External links and Advertising
Links to and advertising from other providers are offered on the websites of VetContact GmbH. VetContact GmbH assumes no liability for their privacy policy or for the correctness of information from third parties.

Google Maps
The service `Google Maps` of Google Inc. is integrated in the services of our internet pages. For Google Maps terms of service, see `Google Maps Terms of Service`: http://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/help/terms_maps.html. For information on collecting and processing personal information through Google Maps, please refer to the applicable privacy policy: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

Personal data collection, processing and use
Basically, the collection or transmission of personal data is not required for the use of the VetContact GmbH websites.
Processing or use of your personal data occurs only as soon as you voluntarily provide your personal data and consent to processing or use of it by VetContact GmbH. This may be required in the following cases:
    1. Registration with VetContact GmbH in order to use services in the closed area, such as:
    • Publication of veterinary events on the pages: www.vetcontact.com, www.vetagenda.com, www.vetaviso.com.
    • Publication of veterinary advertisements such as vacancies, job offers, job applications, sales, training opportunities and others on the pages: www.vetcontact.com, www.vetagenda.com, www.vetaviso.com.
    • Access to specialized articles, lectures, presentations and news in the veterinary field.
    • Newsletter subscription

    2. Inquiries and Comments. We collect and process your personal data to whenever required to respond to your inquiries by e-mail, post or contact forms or for validation of your requests.

    3. Request information or quotes. The data collected here are processed exclusively for the respective purpose, unless you have given us your separately declared consent for further use.

    4. Transmission to state institutions and authorities. We pass on data to entitled institutions and authorities only in the context of legal obligations.

Your right to information
You may request information about your personal data being hold by us, including the purpose of the storage, the scope of storage and the data recipients or individuals having access to it.

Archiving, blocking and deletion
The personal data is automatically archived and no longer actively processed after the expiration of 6 years since the receipt of your consent, unless you have renewed with us later.
We undertake to erase the personal data processed for our own purposes, after the expiration of 15 years after the receipt or renewal of your consent, or as soon as their disclosure is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of the storage.
In addition, you can always lock, correct or delete your data collected from us. Your personal data will also be deleted if you revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data.
In place of a deletion we may block the data, whenever deletion is not possible due to statutory contractual legal reasons.

Technical and organizational measures
We undertake technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the implementation of the rules on data protection, provided that the effort is proportionate to the intended purpose of protection. When communicating by e-mail, we cannot guarantee complete data security, so we recommend that you send confidential information by post.

Updates and changes to this privacy policy
This privacy statement is currently valid and is dated May 2018. As our website evolves and offers become available, or as a result of changes in legal or regulatory requirements, it may be necessary to change this privacy policy. The current privacy policy can be accessed at any time on the VetContact website.

Contact, responsible body within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
VetContact GmbH
Data Protection
Am Bahnhof 2
55765 Birkenfeld



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