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Shanghai International Pet Expo 2004 & Shanghai International Dog Show 2004
petexpo827.jpg A large international Pet Exhibition and Dog Show will take place in the Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall near the Shanghai Stadium on
April 16th - 19th, 2004

Pets make your life wonderful!

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Further information

Venue: Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall£¨by the Shanghai Stadium£©
Date: April 16th - 19th, 2004
Time: 9:00am - 4:30 pm
Size: 6,500 sqm
Date of Build-up: April 14th - 15th, 2004
Date of Dismantling: 4:30 pm, April 19th, 2004

Shanghai Companion Animal Association
Address: Room 406, Shanghai Evergreen Mansion, No.68, Lane569, Xinghua Rd., Shanghai 200052, Tel:+8621- 62818186 Fax:+8621-62803042, Contact: Mr. Wenjun, Song(13301761378), E-mail: shcaa@vip.sina.com

Shanghai International Trade Promotion Co., Ltd.
Address: 12th floor Jingcheng Mansion, No.511, West Tianmu Rd., Shanghai. 200070, Tel: +8621-6 3539977√ó1234 Fax: +8621-63542050, Contact: Miss Yifei, Hu: 13917458301, E-mail: res@itpc.com.cn

Supported by: Shanghai Institute of Veterinary Hygienic Supervision and Shanghai Centre of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Service

Co-organisers: Hong Kong & Kowloon Kennel Association Ltd., German Shepherd Dog Club of Hong Kong SAR, Association of Small Animal Protection, Beijing and Dalian Pet Fans Association

Spring is in the air. Pets are feeling it too!
With the rapid growth of economy, more and more Chinese are enjoying a comparatively comfortable standard of living. As a close companion of modern people, a pet attracts more and more love. How people living in skyscrapers and under pressure seek to enjoy the relaxation and comfortable influence of nature! SIPE 2004, with the theme of Pets make your life wonderful, will ensure everyone living in a big city to experience nature, to be close to nature, and indeed to feel the kindness and happiness brought by a pet through communicating and interacting with them.

Infinite business opportunity
Today, a big pet industry, which consists of cats, dogs, horses, aquarium fish and birds, detailed up to ten thousand breeds, has formed internationally. Pet industry in China has made great progress in recent years. With success in applying for Olympic Games 2008 and the World Expo 2010, Chinese economy will start a new round of development. Now there are 35 cities in which GDP is more than USD3,000 and there are more than ten million pets all over the country. By 2007, GDP in some big cities will exceed USD7,500. The rapid economic growth will make the pet market flourish. Shanghai International Pet Expo (SIPE) focuses on the rapid growing domestic pet market, commits itself to attracting international pet product manufacturers and agencies with brands to expand the market in China, and brings the latest international technologies and advanced concepts to this country. At the same time, SIPE provides assistance for domestic pet product manufacturers and agencies to further expand the domestic market and try to seek new possibilities abroad. This will contribute to the prosperity of Chinese pet market.

Review of SIPE 2003
Shanghai International Pet Expo 2003 & Shanghai International Dog Show 2003 was successfully held in the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in July 2003. SIPE 2003 attracted more than 70 enterprises and professionals from Germany, France, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. There were 220 dogs, representing over 50 breeds, attended the championship. SIPE2003 was visited by about 20,000 people each day and was presented in over 70 medias as well. Doctor Mincey, a senior all-breeds judge from Canada, announced gave authoritative assessment that a Siberia Husky, called CH ¬ē Forever Friend, had won the championship.

Spotlights at SIPE2004
Authoritative organization
SIPE all-breeds championship will invite judges registered in international authoritative organizations to make assessments, to make it open, fair and authoritative.
Professional events
With support from industrial experts and sponsorship of the Shanghai Companion Animal Association and International Trade Promotion Co., Ltd, SIPE will hold seminars for industrial professionals and manufacturers to exchange technical views and opinions.
Exciting shows & contests
SIPE is involved to build the bridge to enable the cooperation and trade between exhibitors and agents, exhibitors and pet-owners. Based on the success of SIPE 2003, SIPE 2004 adds some exciting events such as a ¬ďKnowledge Contest¬Ē, ¬ď Pet Show¬Ē, ¬ď Obeying Game¬Ē, ¬ďGrooming Show¬Ē, as well as the ¬ďDog Show¬Ē. These events will assure that visitors will have a lot of fun.

Exhibit scope
  • Pets: dogs, cats, aquarium fish, birds, other animals (including rabbits, hamsters, goldfish, mossbacks, lizards and chinchillas, etc.)
  • Pet Food: solid food, wet food, sock.
  • Pet Ware: all kinds of pet houses, pet toys, aquarium and accessories, pet shop materials, packaging, and goods display frames, etc.
  • Pet Medicine: diagnosis and treating equipment, pet medicine, pet health care products, etc.
  • Pet Grooming: pet beauty tools, pet grooming wares, pet clothes, pet accessories, etc.

    Exhibiting fee
  • Standard booth: 3m x 3m = USD1,600 / 9 m¬≤
    three-sided white laminated plywood partition board, fascia board with company’s name and stand number, 1 table, 4 folding chairs, 220V/10A electrical outlet, 2 spot lamps and a carpet
  • raw area: min. 36 m¬≤ = USD160/m¬≤

    Exhibiting procedure
  • The exhibitor is required to sign the contract and fax it back or mail it back to the organiser.
  • When receiving the contract, the organiser will send the exhibitor the confirmation letter and the payment notice.
  • According to the confirmation letter and the payment notice, the exhibitor should pay 50% of the total participating fee within 7 days. The remaining fee should be paid before March 15th, 2004.
  • After receiving the first payment, organiser will send an ¬ďexhibition handbook¬Ē to the exhibitor.
  • Booth allocation is on ¬ďfirst come first serve¬Ē basis.

    Pre-arranged business negotiation
  • Are you looking for an agent?
  • Are you looking for a distributor?
  • Are you looking for a chain league partner?
  • Are you looking for appropriate products to expand you business?
    SIPE is able to pre-arrange business negotiations for manufacturers and agents, as well as initiate a negotiation plan for them on request. This will provide a unique opportunity for enterprises to establish a network, to enter a new market and find new suppliers.

    Strong promotion
    With strong support from local government, in order to ensure success and to satisfy exhibitors / participants, an effective promotion campaign will be carried out
  • SIPE organisation committee will draw a comprehensive marketing plan for better publicity.
  • Publications in newspapers, magazines, shows on television and presence on the internet available both at home and abroad guarantee that the public and pet industry professionals will be reached.
  • Promote SIPE through other important events.

    Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall (No. 666, Tianyaoqiao Rd, Shanghai, by the side of Shanghai Stadium)
    Public transport will be available to provide easy access to the exhibition. You may get there using one of 42 transport connections, such as subway line 1st, subway line 3rd, bus line No. 92, No. 15, No. 89, No. 43, No. 111, bridge line No. 6, tunnel line No. 3, etc.

    Further information

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