International Award for Scientific Achievement


The WSAVA WALTHAM International Award for Scientific Achievement is given to a veterinary surgeon who has made a significant breakthrough in the causes, detection, care and/or control of pet diseases.
This year’s award winner, Urs Giger joined the faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1984 as a clinician and teacher in medicine, haematology, paediatrics and medical genetics. Currently, he is the Charlotte Newton Sheppard Professor and Chief of Medical Genetics and has a secondary faculty appointment at the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he is also a professor at the Veterinary School of the University of Zürich, where he regularly lectures on small animal internal medicine. He is a Diplomate of the American as well as the European College of the Veterinary Internal Medicine and is head of the Pediatrics and Genetics Clinic, the Josephine Deubler Genetic Disease Testing Laboratory and the Transfusion Medicine Program at the University of Pennsylvania thereby providing unique veterinary services.

Urs Giger forma parte del personal docente de la Facultad De Medicina Veterinaria de la Universidad de Pennsylvania, en Philadelphia, desde 1984, donde ha trabajado como clínico y profesor en medicina, hematología, pediatría, y genética médica. Actualmente es titular de la cátedra Charlotte Newton Sheppard, es Jefe de Genética Médica, y tiene otra plaza de docente en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Pennsylvania. Además, es profesor de la Facultad de Veterinaria de las Universidad de Zürich, en la que imparte regularmente clases de medicina interna en pequeños animales. También es ponente invitado en múltiples congresos veterinarios internacionales. Es Diplomado por el American y el European College de Medicina Interna. Es el responsable de la Clínica de Pediatría y Genética, del Laboratorio Josephine Deubler de Diagnóstico de Enfermedades Genéticas, y del Programa de Medicina de las Transfusiones de la Universidad de Pennsylvania, desde los que ofrece servicios veterinarios únicos y exclusivos. 

WSAVA/WALTHAM International Award for Scientific Achievement lecture: Auditorio Garcia Lorca, 12.30 pm

WSAVA - WALTHAM International Award for Service to the Profession


The WSAVA WALTHAM International Award for Service to the Profession is given to a veterinary surgeon for outstanding service in the promotion and enhancement of the exchange of scientific and cultural ideas in the world of small animals.
Award winner Roger Clarke graduated from the University of Queensland (Australia) in 1964. Roger has had a long career in veterinary private practice, and is a director of a 14 person veterinary group, with four hospitals, a 24-hour emergency centre and surgical referral practice.
Roger is a Churchill Fellow, a Fellow of the Australian Veterinary Association, a Fellow of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery and a registered small animal surgical specialist in Australia. 
Roger has served as President of the AVA, ASAVA, the Australian Association of Registered Veterinary Specialists and the International Veterinary Ear Nose and Throat Association. He is the Australian National representative to the WSAVA Assembly and currently chairs the WSAVA Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and the WSAVA Committee for Continuing Education in Asia. He is a member of the AAHA Council of 100 and Australian International liaison for AAHA Academics.

Roger Clarke se licenció en 1964 en la Universidad de Queensland. Roger Clarke ha ejercido durante muchos años en la clínica veterinaria privada, y es el director de un grupo veterinario integrado por 14 personas, con 4 hospitales, un centro de urgencias de 24 horas, y una consulta para casos quirúrgicos de referencia. Roger Clarke es un Académico Churchill, Académico de la Australian Veterinary Association, Académico del Australian College of Veterinary Scientists en Cirugía de Pequeños Animales y es especialista registrado en cirugía de pequeños animales en Australia. Roger Clarke ha sido presidente de  la AVA, la ASAVA, la Asociación de Especialistas Veterinarios Registrados, y de la Asociación Internacional de Otorrinolaringología Veterinaria. Es el representante nacional australiano en la Asamblea de la WSAVA y es el responsable del Comité Asesor en Bienestar Animal de la WSAVA y del Comité para la Formación Continuada de la WSAVA en Asia. Es miembro del Consejo de Ciento de la AAHA y Académico Australiano de Asuntos Internacionales de la AAHA. 

WSAVA/WALTHAM International Award for Service to the Profession lecture: Machado-Picasso, 12.30

WSAVA HILL'S Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare Award


WSAVA HILL's Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare Award, is given to a veterinary surgeon in recognition for outstanding work in the care of animal health and his or her record of building up bonds between family, veterinary surgeon and pet. The winner will have shown a particular sensitivity with the client and his or her patient, using not only leading medical and surgical techniques but also clinical nutrition, resulting in a deeper relationship between people and their pets.
This year’s award winner, Dr. Greg Ogilvie, is a full professor, internist, head of medical oncology and director of the medical oncology research laboratory Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. Dr. Ogilvie is board certified in the specialties of both internal medicine and oncology by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He is author of two books, Managing the Veterinary Cancer Patient (English, French and Japanese) and Compassionate Care for Cats with Cancer and of over 150 peer reviewed articles and chapters, as well as over 150 scientific abstracts. He has been awarded two international patents and 6 million dollars in research funding in the last 5 years alone. Dr. Ogilvie's teaching skills have also been frequently recognized. He is the recipient of the Outstanding Teachers Award; the Norden Distinguished Teacher Award; the MSD Agvet Award for Creativity in Teaching; the SCAVMA Award; and was named Outstanding Companion Animal Speaker for 1999 at the North American Veterinary Conference. He has also been recognized with: the Cycle Award, American Veterinary Medical Association's "Veterinarian of the Year-1995"; the Cycle Award, American Animal Hospital Association's "Veterinarian of the Year-1996"; the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association Outstanding Faculty Award-1996.

El Dr. Ogilvie es profesor titular, internista, jefe de oncología médica y director del laboratorio de investigación de oncología médica del Animal Cancer Center de la Colorado State University. El Dr. Ogilvie tiene el certificado de especialista en medicina interna y en oncología del American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Es autor de los libros “Managing the Veterinary Cancer Patient” (ediciones en Inglés, Francés y Japonés) y “Compassionate Care for Cats with Cancer” y de más de 150 artículos y capítulos de libros, además de más de 150 abstracts científicos. Le han sido concedidas dos patentes internacionales y 6 millones de dólares para financiar investigación sólo en los últimos 5 años. Su calidad como docente también ha sido reconocida. Ha recibido el Outstanding Teachers Award; el Norden Distinguished Teacher Award; el MSD Agvet Award por la Creatividad en la Docencia; el SCAVMA Award; y fue nombrado Outstanding Companion Animal Speaker de la North American Veterinary Conference en 1999. También ha sido condecorado con el Cycle Award de la AAHA como “Veterinario del Año” en 1995 y en 1996, y con el Colorado Veterinary Medical Association Outstanding Faculty Award en 1996. 


WSAVA - IAMS Saki Paatsama Award


The WSAVA IAMS Saki Paatsama Award is given in recognition of clinical research in the field of the canine or feline medicine and surgery, with a special emphasis on Orthopaedic Surgery.
A household name for most veterinarians with an interest in orthopaedic surgery, few will know that Dr Piermattei also studied heart transplants. At the start of his career, Dr. Piermattei was awarded a Special Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Heart Institute of the National Institutes of Health in 1966 to pursue postgraduate training in surgery at Colorado State University. He did reach in transplantation of the heart in miniature swine and for this work received the PhD degree in experimental surgery in 1970. In April 1969, he was appointed Professor of Surgery and Radiology at the University of Minnesota. In August 1972 he entered private practice in Denver, Colorado where he conducted a surgical referral practice for seven years while maintaining a part-time appointment at Colorado State University. In January 1980, he returned to full-time teaching at Colorado State University, retiring in 1992. He maintains a part-time private surgical practice. Dr. Piermattei is the author of 33 scientific articles and book contributions.

El Dr. Piermattei obtuvo una plaza de asociado especial de postgrado en el Heart Institute of the National Institutes of Health en 1966 para seguir su formación de postgrado en cirugía en la Colorado State University. Sus investigaciones giraron en torno al transplante de corazón en cerdos miniatura y le valieron para conseguir el Doctorado en cirugía experimental en 1970. En abril de 1969 fue designado Profesor de Cirugía y Radiología en la Universidad de Minnesota, y en agosto de 1972 entró a trabajar en una clínica privada en Denver, Colorado, donde fue responsable de las consultas referidas de cirugía durante siete años al tiempo que mantenía una plaza con dedicación parcial en la Colorado State University. En enero de 1980 volvió a dedicarse por completo a la docencia en la Colorado State University, de la que se jubiló en 1992. Desde entonces sigue trabajando con dedicación parcial en una consulta privada de cirugía. El Dr.Piermattei es autor de 33 artículos científicos y capítulos de libros.

WSAVA/IAMS Saki Paatsama lecture: 
Auditorio Manuel de Falla, 12.30 pm

IAMS Award 2002


This year’s Iams Company award winner is Laura Blackwood, from Liverpool. Her prize-winning paper, with David Argyle as second author, was entitled "Feline hyperthyroidism: advances toward novel molecular therapeutics", published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice (2002) 43, pages 58-66. Unfortunately, Laura was unable to come to Granada to present her paper and to receive the award, due to prior personal committments.
Feline hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrine disorder of the eldery cat. Traditionally, the disease is treated by surgical thyroidectomy, medical management with antithyroid drugs or radiation therapy using idione-131.
However, none of these treatments is ideal and molecular therapeutics may offer novel methods of treating the disease. Laura’s award winning paper reviews the background of, and preliminary investigations into, the development of a transcriptionally targeted somatic gene therapy strategy.

Runner-up for the 2002 edition of the Iams award was Dr Bosje from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht. Dr Bosje’s papaer was entitled "Plasma concentrations of ACTH precursors correlate with pituitary size and resistance to dexamethasone in dogs with pituitary dependent hyperadrenocorticism", published in Domestic Animal Endocrinology 22 (2002) 201-210.
Interested participants for The IAMS Company Award 2003 should be under 36 years of age, and have published a clinical paper in a peer reviewed European Veterinary Journal (national or international) between 1st July 2002 and 1st July 2003.

Contact Ms Veronica ( ), for further information: IAMS Europe P&G International Operations SA 47, route de St. Georges, 
CH-1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva Switzerland

FECAVA Prize for best paper in EJCAP-2002


This year’s FECAVA Prize winner is Dr. Pierre Méheust. Surgeon in a private small animal referral centre in Nantes, he is in charge of spinal and orthopaedic surgery, arthroscopy, neurology and electromyography (EMG, VCN, BAEV). He is also member of the Scientific Committee of the Surgery and Neurology Study Groups of the French companion animal veterinary association (CNVSPA) and member of the Neurotraumatology Staff of the Nantes University Centre (Human) Hospital since 1995.
The FECAVA Prize is awarded annually for the best paper published in the previous two issues of the European Journal of Companion Animal Practice (EJCAP) and presented at the FECAVA European Congress. The Prize consists of an engraved bronze medallion, complimentary registration for the forthcoming FECAVA European Congress (with two complimentary tickets for the Congress Gala Evening) and a 4,500 Euro grant towards accommodation and travel related to the Congress.
This year’s award winning article is entitled “Stabilising traumatic coxofemoral dislocations using the Meij-Hazewinkel-Nap modified technique - A retrospective study of 63 cases” (P. Meheust, A. Bourgeron, F. Legeard) and was published in the European Journal of Companion Animal Practice, Volume XI (2) October 2001.

Dr Méheust es Cirujano en un centro de referencia de pequeños animales en Nantes, a cargo de cirugía de la columna, cirugía ortopédica, artroscopia, neurología y  electromiografía  (EMG, VCN, BAEV…). Miembro del Comité Científico del Grupo de Trabajo de Cirugía y de Neurología de la  CNVSPA. Miembro del personal de Neurotraumatología del Centro Hospitalario de la Universidad de Nantes (Humana) desde 1995.

            Food und folklore

Today, tomorrow and Saturday, all delegates will be offered a working lunch of traditional Spanish fare on the third floor of the Palacio de Congresos. But the “work” is not to be taken too seriously: during lunch, there will be a performance of Spanish folklore. Today's attraction: the Coro Rociero, a typically Andalucian folkloristic choir.

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